Help to Get Back on Your Feet

It’s not how hard you hit, they say, but how hard a hit you can take and get back on your feet. The StandingVest is the helping hand you need to get back up again. For users doing standing training using a standing shell, the StandingVest assists in lifting and maintaining an upright, standing posture. Easy for caregivers to apply, it aids in activating users safely and comfortably, helping them back to their feet.


Product Details


  • Assists in lifting and maintaining users in an upright, standing posture
  • Supports around the groin and upper torso and behind the head
  • Reliable support for users weighing up to 660 lbs (300 kg)
  • Made of durable polyester material
  • Available in sizes XS – XL


AdjustmentLoop: an extension strap mainly used to extend the sling’s lift straps to the desired length

StrapsPadding: soft padding for the lift straps of a sling

LoopTag: for marking the sling loops that should be used for a specific user

NameTag: for the labeling of slings, belts and other assistive devices

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