Rehab Total Support System Sling

Put One Foot in Front of the Other

Hit your stride and get headed in the right direction with the Rehab Walking Total Support System Sling. For standing, rising and gait training, it’s the help you need—one step, then another—on the uphill climb to get back on your feet. Preventing falls, the Rehab Walking Total Support System Sling enables natural sit to stand movement and assists in ambulation and gait training. Lifting from either a bedside or a chair, it provides both upright and lateral support as well as safety from falling while assisting with strides in pivot transfers and toileting.


Product Details


  • Designed for standing, rising, and gait training
  • Upright and lateral support
  • Made from durable non-slip fabric and features comfort padding on leg supports
  • 800 lbs (363 kg) weight capacity
  • Sizes XS – XXL, all adjustable
  • GSA-FSS Contract No. V797D – 30041

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