Rise and Shine!

Not everyone is a morning person. But for some, mornings are even harder when getting out of bed is physically challenging. FlexiGrip is a convenient solution to assist users in getting up and out of bed. Step by step, users can gradually pull themselves up from a lying to seated position.

Product Details


Soft yet tough. This soil-resistant device is thin enough, so it can discreetly lie in bed with the user without being in the way. Simply attach the loop around the foot of the bed to serve as an anchor. Eight padded handles allow the user to comfortably hold on while sitting upward in bed. Allowing the user to lift themselves while strengthening muscles in both the core and arms.

  • Padded handles give a firm and safe grip
  • A loop provides for easy attachment of FlexiGrip onto most beds
  • Red handles make FlexiGrip easy to locate in the bed
  • FlexiGrip is easy to clean


Extension Strap: provides extra length to FlexiGrip; 47.2in/120cm long.

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