The Ultimate in Sliding Boards

The EasyGlide family of sliding boards help you transfer from virtually any seat –from wheelchairs and vehicles to toilets and beds. Its revolutionary design makes it helpful to level out height differences and for bridging short distances. A smooth, low-friction surface makes the EasyGlide family the best tool for positioning and sliding transfers.


Product Details


  • Easy to transport and convenient to always have close by
  • Made of strong polyethylene and available in different models and sizes
  • The long sides of EasyGlide 5020 and 5050 can be folded to protect clothing from the wheels of the wheelchair
  • Rounded corners and a smooth, low-friction top surface for easy positioning, sliding transfers and removal
  • Anti-slip protection on the underside provides for safety and security
  • Very easy to use, quick-guide on the underside
  • Hygienic and can be disinfected with 70% ethanol, 45% isopropanol or similar after use
  • Use the EasyGlide family in collaboration with Handicare’s FootStool to help lift a patient’s thighs to facilitate the placement of a sling

EasyGlide: The original EasyGlide boasts rounded corners and double anti-slip tape on the backside to prevent the board from sliding during transferring. Multiple sizes are available to ensure a perfect slide every time. Select the longer versions when transferring from wheelchair to car or opt for three-part version, which features foldable long sides to shield the wheels of a wheelchair and protect you when sliding.

EasyGlide, extra long: Resembling a backboard, the extra-long version makes lateral transfers between beds or stretchers a breeze. When supine/lateral transfers won’t exceed six inches, simply place the low-friction surface under the patient with the anti-slip tape facing the firm transfer surface.

EasyGlide, oval: The oval design allows for quick and easy application of lifting slings in both the recumbent and seated positions. The rounded shape and low-friction surface make the placement and removal of slings easier while maintaining the patient’s dignity. The oval model also can be used during lateral transfers that are less than two inches.

EasyGlide, mini oval: Don’t let the name fool you. This mini sliding board packs a mean punch when it comes to convenient application of slings as well as facilitating users to reposition themselves further back in a chair. Used in pairs, gracefully tuck a sling beneath a patient or allow them to reposition in a chair to a more comfortable position.


Storage Pocket: For storing of the 18in model.

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