Gait Going

Support for sit-to-stand transfers is just a click away. The EasyBelt assists caregivers in transferring patients from seated positions or in gait training. The belt is gently placed around the user’s waist and includes multiple handles in both vertical and horizontal orientations to assist the caregiver in the transfer.


Product Details


  • Available in two models: classic and hug
  • Made of a moisture-resistant nylon, making it perfect for use in bathrooms or when there are special hygiene requirements
  • Classic model features an anti-slip interior
  • Hug model is a patented design that features horizontal handles that slide freely in-between loops to make the belt hug the user instead of sliding up during the transfer and enables the caregiver to provide even more support without using any more effort
  • Built to last, the belt is made of durable nylon for maximum product life with reinforced seams
  • Quick-connect buckle is easy to open making the application of the device as easy as click


SupportStraps: for extra support and security during standing, gait training and transfers with belts, sit-to-stand aids and transfer platforms.

NameTag: a tag for labeling of lifting slings, belts and other assistive devices.

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