No Slip, Hooray!

Need to get a grip on things? AntiSlip provides the friction you need for safer transfers to prevent users from slipping and sliding. While the patient is lying in bed, place the AntiSlip under their feet to assist them in repositioning or for pelvic lifting. It also can help patients with sit-to-stand by adding extra support and floor grip.

Product Details


  • Made of cellular plastic
  • Besides providing direct friction support under one’s feet, it also can be placed between two sliding products to create a restraining surface
  • A hygienic transfer aid that is easy to clean with a soap or alcohol solution, allowing it to effectively serve many patients over time
  • For extra transfer and repositioning support, use in combination with the Handicare EasyBelt or FlexiBelt to effectively transfer a patient between different locations, such as bed to wheelchair/chair
  • Can be used in conjunction with a friction-reducing device under the shoulders to further assist patients who are trying to move up higher in bed

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