Make Room – We’re Heading to the Bathroom!

We’ve engineered the HygieneSling specifically for simple application. Designed for users with sufficient muscular tone, HygieneSling makes it easier for caregivers to dress/undress the patient when toileting.


Product Details


  • Available in 3 variations: with belt; without belt; with belt and extra back support
  • Divided leg supports for easier application and removal by the caregiver
  • Low back supports the patient’s back up to their armpits as well as legs
  • Slightly reclined seated posture
  • For users weighing up to 660lbs (330kg)



AdjustmentLoop: an extension strap mainly used to extend the sling’s lift straps to the desired length

HeadSupport: accessory for slings without head support

StrapsPadding: soft padding for the lift straps of a sling

SoftLegSupport: extra soft leg supports for pressure-sensitive users

HeadSupport: an accessory for slings without head support

NameTag: for the labeling of slings, belts and other assistive devices


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