Hinged Arm Support

Swing for the Fences

With its strong, easy swing, the Hinged Arm Support is a home run for safety and support. Folding so it’s out of the way until needed, the Hinged Arm Support can be used in either the vertical or horizontal position. Swinging into place to assist in the shower, beside a toilet or anywhere, its looped double-tube construction provides a firm, steady grip from almost any position with no concerns about slipping, pinching or clothing catching.


Product Details


Designed to mount to a wall or to the floor (using the optional Floor Console), it’s as reliable as swinging at a slow pitch. Available in five different lengths and colors.

  • Offers support in both horizontal and vertical positions
  • Folds out of the way until needed – locks automatically in upright position
  • Can be used with your toilet or Handicare shower seats 
  • Reliable support for users weighing up to 330 lbs (150 kg)
  • Concealed hinges to prevents pinches
  • Easy to install
  • Durable steel or stainless steel construction, with glass fiber reinforced nylon wall flanges and covers for safety and clean visual appeal
  • Ergonomic diameter for a secure grip for even small hands – 1.1 in (28.6 mm) steel or stainless steel bar
  • Five different lengths: 20.9 in (530mm), 23.6 in (600 mm), 27.5 in (700 mm), 31.5 in (800 mm) and 35.4 in (900 mm)
  • Also available with a 1.25 in tube diameter (ADA-compliant)
  • Concealed attachment for stylish look, safe and easy grip, and easy cleaning
  • Watertight construction and hygienic design
  • Available colors: white, anthracite, coated stainless steel white, polished stainless steel white, polished stainless steel anthracite and coated steel white


Floor Console for Hinged Arm Support: When your bathroom space just isn’t right for a wall-mounted hinged arm support, it’s no worry—you can mount it right to the floor. Mounting directly to the floor, its durable construction provides a solid base to install a Hinged Arm Support, even in the middle of a room.

  • Installs where hinged arm supports alone can’t
  • Adjustable height up to 33.9 in /860 mm
  • Reliable support for users weighing up to 330 lbs/150 kg
  • Easy to install
  • Durable steel or stainless steel construction
  • Available colors: White, anthracite, coated stainless steel white and polished stainless steel
  • Backing plate and aluminum clamps for mounting


Floor Support Set for Hinged Arm Support: Not every wall is strong enough for the Hinged Arm Support. When your wall isn’t strong enough, and you need something more to lean on, you can call on the Floor Support to share the load and hold you up safely.

  • Complete kit of a support leg, a plastic clamp and a distance arm that ensures floor support is always in a correct position
  • Easy installation
  • Automatically folds up and down with Hinged Arm Support
  • Available colors: White, anthracite, coated stainless steel white and polished stainless steel


Height Adjustment for Hinged Arm Support: Enables smooth adjustment to desired height for the Hinged Arm Support.

  • Allows mounting of Hinged Arm Support at a later stage
  • Range in adjustment 5.9 in in/150 mm
  • Can order set adjustable clamp levers for install (2pcs)
  • Comes in stainless steel white


Backing Plate Rectangular: When you have concerns about the wall surface you’re mounting to, the Backing Plate Rectangular lets you use the strength of the entire wall.

  • Optimum support for any wall
  • Easy to install


Toilet Roll Holder: “Your reach should exceed your grasp,” they say. But not in the bathroom. The Toilet Roll Holder puts your roll in reach in the exact place you want it.

  • Attaches to Ergogrip grab rails or Hinged Arm Supports wherever needed
  • Easy to install
  • Durable stainless steel construction that’s easy to maintain


Toilet Roll Holder Single-Hand: Reaching for the toilet paper should never get the best of you. Designed specifically for single-hand use, the award-winning Toilet Roll Holder Single-Hand lets you change, unroll and tear off toilet paper using only one hand while putting the roll in reach, in the exact place you want it

  • Made of durable plastic
  • Attaches to Eurogrip grab rails or arm supports wherever needed
  • Designed for one-hand use in changing, unrolling and tearing off toilet paper
  • Winner of the Fireva Design Award for innovative design in assistance for the disabled and mobility impaired
  • Easy to install

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