Have a Flex in Your Sling

FlexibleSling provides complete, flexible support for the patient. Designed to accommodate the most common lifting situations and especially helpful for patients that require extra head support or have particular impairments that require flexible contouring when seated. Available with or without reinforced leg supports and optional commode opening for added convenience.


Product Details


  • Compatible with two- or four-point suspension bars
  • Color Coded Sizes – each size sling has its own trim color that is simple to identify and sort
  • Divided Leg Supports – easy for the caregiver to apply and remove with multiple support options to make patient feel secure in sling without risk of sliding out, optional on polyester net models
  • Reclined Seating Posture – comfortable and secure position for patient as well as ergonomic position for caregiver interaction with patient
  • Removable Plastic Stays – provide extra stability for head support
  • Durable Hygienic/Low Friction Polyester Net – smooth surface is easy to wipe clean and promotes ease of transfer when sliding the sling underneath the patient
  • Can be laundered or disinfected with standard cleaning agents
  • Engineered for patients weighing up to 660 lbs (300 kg)
  • Available in sizes XXS – XL


AdjustmentLoop: an extension strap mainly used to extend the sling’s lift straps to the desired length

StrapsPadding: soft padding for the lift straps of a sling

SoftLegSupport: extra soft leg supports for pressure-sensitive users

LoopTag: for marking the sling loops that should be used for a specific user

SlingBelt: provides the user with an extra sense of security

NameTag: for the labeling of slings, belts and other assistive devices

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