Bure Rise and Go

Early Mobilization and Rehabilitation Aid

The Bure Rise & Go provides a patented power rise function combining stand-up, mobility, and a walking aid all in a single product. Rise & Go is equipped with powered frame widening and low leg height making it a versatile walker for wheelchair and bed applications in both hospital and long-term care environments.

Product Details


  • Anatomical pads provide relief for shoulders, arms, and neck allowing focus to be shifted to leg and chest muscles, improving stability, and making Bure easier to steer. The anatomically designed armrests can also be folded out to provide users with an easy means of reaching the handles during sit-to-stand transfers.
  • The open design provides stability with greater room to maneuver. Users do not feel shut in and caregivers are able to assist with standing up more easily. With the frame positioned outward, Bure becomes more stable and helps those who require extra walking space.
  • Electronic frame widening makes it easy to move Bure right up close to users without worrying about wheelchair width, chair width or bed design.
  • Ergonomic handles adjustable in any direction for optimum user comfort, added benefit for stroke patients who can reach their “usual” hand position.
  • Electrically driven height adjustment makes it easy to pre-set to the desired height. Once the user is standing in position the height can be adjusted for comfort and proper support for optimal walking.
  • The power rise harness is designed to reach as far down across the bottom as possible, providing optimum support resulting in a more natural standing action.
  • Bure Rise & Go is fitted with shin supports that provide relief to the knees during sit-to-stand transfers, they are both height adjustable and can be moved aside to create greater space.
  • Hand control conveniently located for both user and caregiver to easily access.
  • All Bure Rise & Go parts have IP65 international protection ratings and can therefore be used in wet spaces.


  • Platform, Short – Part # 56-333-DB
  • Platform, Long – Part # 56-383-DB
  • Stand-up Harness, Multi, S – Part # 56-384-DB
  • Stand-up Harness, Multi, M – Part # 56-384-DB
  • Stand-up Harness, Multi, L – Part # 56-384-DB
  • Stand-up Harness, Multi, XL – Part # 56-384-DB
  • Gait Training Kit for Multi Stand-up Harness – Part #56-388-KIT

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