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The Only Sling You Want Your Behind In!

Usually, it means trouble when they say you’ll have your behind in a sling. But it’s all good when your behind is in this sling. Suited for common lifting such as bed to wheelchair for users with good head stability but poor torso stability, the BasicSling’s shoulder-height design makes transfers easy for both caregiver and user. It’s safe and easy to use—and the only sling you’ll want your behind in!


Product Details


Designed for the most common transfers, such as bed-to-wheelchair.

  • Suitable for users with good head stability but poor torso stability
  • Upright, seated posture
  • Divided leg supports to eliminate the challenges of applying or removing the sling
  • Made in durable polyester and polyester net materials
  • Ergonomic hand pocket for safe maneuvering of the sling under the user
  • Available in sizes XXS – XXL
  • 660 lbs (300 kg) weight capacity

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