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At Handicare, we understand the desire to have local support when making a choice to invest in a stairlift. That’s why we have built up a network of local dealers nationwide who – in addition to Handicare – will be there to support you. In the San Diego area, our partners are very highly experienced and knowledgeable about stairlifts and the stairlift business. With this breadth of knowladge, they are well-equipped to help you make an educated choice.

Straight or curved?

When making the investment of a stairlift, a significant choice you have to make is whether you want a straight or a curved lift. Handicare stairlift assortment consists of both curved and straight options, meeting the needs of most US homes and businesses. Our certified partner in San Diego will help you understand the differences and ensure the best solution is provided for your application.

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At Handicare, we’re always working for you. Our partners in San Diego are dedicated to finding you a perfect stairlift match. A Handicare certified partner in San Diego is always here to answer any stairlift-related questions that you may have!

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Have you heard about our revolutionary PS4D technology? This ground-breaking system utilizes augmented reality software in order to provide you with a look at what your stairlift will look like on your stairs. If you have any questions or concerns regarding fit or aesthetics, the PS4D system can answer them! Our partner in San Diego can provide you with an in-home estimate: absolutely free! An in-home estimate is a great way to get a better idea of Handicare’s product offerings.

Stairlift advice from a Handicare certified Partner in San Diego.

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