Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare Professional FAQs

Is my Prism Medical or Medcare product the same as Handicare?

Handicare purchased Prism Medical in 2016 and Medcare in 2014. Since then, we have been working to leverage the synergies between our great brands while consolidating our product lines to all fit under the Handicare brand. During the transition period, you may come across both company names on product packaging, labeling, etc., but know that you’re still working with one company.

How can I receive training?

Our expertise doesn’t stop at the equipment we make and sell. We also take pride in training your staff so that they know our products and how to use them as well as we do. Our experience and understanding of your day-to-day activities allows us to provide you training and advice that ensures you meet your goals.

How do I order your product?

Call 1-888-637-8155 or email us at for more information.

What if I have a technical issue?

Call 1-866-891-6502 and ask to speak our Technical Support team. You can also email

Is Handicare a GSA vendor?

Currently, all products that are legacy Prism Medical (ceiling lifts and slings) are part of the GSA Advantage program. We have proudly outfitted VA facilities across the USA with our ceiling lifts and slings.

Homeowner FAQs

Will a stairlift fit my staircase?

Yes! There are always exceptions to the rule, but the rule of thumb is that most staircases will fit a stairlift. Our 950 has the slimmest installed profile (only 11.25 inches!) and our Freecurve uses our proprietary feature called “Turn & Go” to ensure a stairlift will fit on even the narrowest of staircases.

How is a stairlift mounted? Will it damage my walls?

A stairlift is mounted to the staircase itself. This ensures your wall and handrails remain untouched and undamaged. Depending on your staircase or any obstacles you are trying to avoid, we can mount the chair lift on either side of the staircase. For spiral staircases, this is particularly important, so other users can use the wider portion of the steps.

How long will it take before my stairlift can be installed?

Straight stairlifts can be delivered immediately! Pending any optional upgrades, as soon as we can set up an appointment to install the chairlift, we can have one of our certified dealers ready to install. Curved stairlifts, on the other hand, are made to measure and custom-built based on your staircase’s measurements. But in a few short weeks, we can have you equipped and ready to go!

How long does it take to install a stairlift?

Give us your morning or an afternoon, and we’ll have you up and down the stairs safely. Installation takes only about four hours – from mounting the lift to clean up and instruction.

Do I need to hire an electrician?

No! The great thing about stairlifts is that they are battery-powered, ensuring you’ll never be stranded should there be a power outage. Just simply plug the adaptor into a standard wall outlet to ensure the battery is kept charged at all times.

Will I fall out of my stairlift?

Safety is our #1 priority at Handicare. All of our products comply with stringent safety standards. While moving at a slow and smooth pace, all stairlifts come equipped with a seat belt as well as safety sensors that automatically stop the chairlift should it come in contact with an object along the way. All seats can be swiveled toward the landing once you reach the top of the stairs, providing you with sufficient space when getting on and off the stairs. Handicare is also the only manufacturer in the market that protects the gear rack on the track using a steel strip. Moreover, it is purposely located at the bottom of the track, unlike other stairlifts in the market, to protect clothing entanglement or potentially sharp edges around children.

Why is there a key?

Handicare stairlifts come with a key to prevent unauthorized use. This is particularly useful with grandchildren or when you have an outdoor unit. If there is no worry of anyone misusing the chairlift, simply leave the key in the ignition at all times.

What happens during my free in-home consultation?

One of our authorized dealers will visit your home so he or she can examine your staircase as well as understand what your needs are. Based on this, they can provide you with the proper recommendation. They will also measure your stairs, so they can provide you with an accurate quote while still in your home as well as use our proprietary PhotoSurvey3D tool to create an image of your designed stairlift as it will appear in your home.

Are there financing options available?

Many of our dealers work with third party financing agencies in order to ensure your mobility.

Will Medicare or Medicaid pay for a stairlift?

No. Medicare does not cover stairlifts as it does not classify it as durable medical equipment. Instead, it is considered a home modification, which is not covered.

On the other hand, Medicaid will likely fund the cost of a chair lift if it allows the user to avoid nursing home costs and remain living in their home longer

What about my insurance?

It’s rare that health insurance will cover a home modification. There are some auto insurance policies that will, particularly if a car accident caused a disability resulting in the need for a stairlift. Worker’s compensation programs and state catastrophic accident insurance plans may also pay for home modifications if the disability arose from an injury or accident.

I am a veteran. Can I receive special funding?

The VA does offer several funding options for what they refer to as stair glides. The VA Aid and Attendance benefit can be used by you or your spouse. State programs called Veterans Directed Home and Community Based Services (VD-HCBS) are also available as well as grant opportunities, such as HISA (Home Improvement and Structural Alterations), SHA (Special Home Adaptation) or SAH (Specially Adapted Housing). If your disability is a direct result of your military service, your chairlift may be covered through VA healthcare.

Does my stairlift require maintenance?

Just like any mechanical piece of equipment (think: car), you want to make sure you have at least an annual preventative maintenance service check by your authorized Handicare dealer. While we’re proud to offer industry-leading warranties, it still is never a bad idea to have your chairlift checked prior to a pesky problem that may pop up when you’re using it.

What happens if my stairlift stops working? and we will con

While Handicare is always available to help, we recommend that you call the dealer from whom you purchased your chair lift from first. Your dealer is more well-versed in the installation and your particular product and can more quickly get out to you for a service visit. Should you need assistance finding a dealer, please call us at 1-888-637-8155 or email, and we will connect you with an authorized Handicare dealer.

I bought my chairlift online from eBay or another third party site. Am I covered under your warranty?

No. Our warranty only covers the original purchaser of the stairlift from one of our certified Handicare dealers.