Top Vacation Spots for Seniors

April 20, 2022

Want a safe and fun vacation experience? Look no further. These vacation ideas are perfect for seniors!

  • Cruises

    • A great way to see the world, on convenient terms! They’re very accommodating to people with limited mobility, with railing and ramps everywhere! But where to go?
    • There are cruises that go all over, to the Caribbean, Alaska, even some that take you all the way to Europe!
      • Viking Cruises
        • A Viking cruise is one of the best cruises a senior can go on. Because of their emphasis on the culture of the stop they are at (plus the fact that all of their cruises are 18+ !), Viking is a wonderful option.
      • Silversea
        • This cruise line is unique because they are expressly built to accommodate seniors. Every ship accommodates wheelchairs and scooters.
      • River Cruises
        • These are an accessible and cheap option for people based in the US. You feel like you’re taking a step back in time, and you’re taken care of at every step of the way. With unique American Riverboat aesthetics, these are a unique way to experience classic Americana!
  • A Historical Trip

    • For all the history buffs!
    • There are plenty of historical sites right here in the US! You likely have something cool and historic right in your backyard!
      • Colonial Williamsburg
        • A great place to get a glimpse at Colonial America! Take in Historic Colonial Williamsburg with a tour, be that self-guided or otherwise. With plenty of options of what to see or do, Williamsburg is perfect for the history buff in your life.
      • Boston
        • There’s so much to do! Once one of the most important cities in the 13 colonies, Boston’s historical core is very dense. Once you finish with that, there are plenty of other things you can do as well. Boston is likely to have whatever you’re looking for.
      • Washington DC
        • The mecca of the historical trip here in the US. Come for the world-renowned Smithsonian Museums, stay for the multitude of memorials and monuments. There’s also a plethora of options in Washington DC that don’t involve history, such as seeing the cherry blossoms in the spring.
  • A Road Trip

    • Road Trips are a great way to see everything you want to, while staying cheap and on your terms!
    • Route 66, the Pacific Coast Highway, and so many others!
      • The Pacific Coast Highway
        • A famous, extremely scenic highway located in California. You can start in San Diego, you can start in San Francisco, or you can start anywhere in between! You can check out some very cool landmarks, such as Big Sur!
      • Route 66
        • The Mother Road. The Great American Highway. Uber-historic and famous, Route 66 offers a wonderful experience to anyone who is interested in the American History of the open road.
      • Blue Ridge Parkway
        • This is a scenic drive as well, although it is 3000 miles from the PCH. This highway runs through much of Virginia, plus parts of Virginia and North Carolina. The fall season is the prime season on this highway, as the foliage really hits around October.
  • Visit the Beach

    • The beach is a great place to relax! Kick up your feet, grab your favorite book, and relax a little! With the surf at your feet, transport into your own state of zen.
    • Many beaches offer very convenient and safe ways to get to the beach from the road or path. This is very helpful for people who have limited mobility.
      • San Diego
        • The beaches in San Diego are a sight to see! If you’re interested in relaxing, the pristine water and beautiful surf will be perfect. If you’re an animal lover, San Diego’s beaches has plenty to offer as well; check out the seals at La Jolla! Finally, if you’re interested in surfing or snorkeling, San Diego’s beaches can’t be beat!
      • Daytona Beach
        • This beach is famous for many reasons. From the famous race that happens every season here, to pristine surf, there’s something for everyone at Daytona Beach. With 23 miles of white-sand beaches, Daytona Beach is a great place to be!
      • Jacksonville
        • The beaches in Jacksonville are clean, quiet, and pretty! Plus, Jacksonville boasts the highest number of urban parks in the country- so even if you don’t want to go to the beach, there’s plenty to do!
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