Fun Easter Activities to Enjoy With Your Grandchildren

March 21, 2022

Happy little girl granddaughter dye Easter eggs with grandfather

The holidays are some of the best times of year to spend with our loved ones. With unique traditions for each holiday and the chance to make our own customs too, there is plenty to do and enjoy with each holiday. As Easter is upcoming, in this article, we wanted to share some of the best Easter activities for grandparents and their grandchildren to enjoy together.

Decorating Easter Eggs

A classic Easter activity, decorating Easter eggs can be done whatever the weather and is a great way to enjoy some arts, crafts, and self-expression. Set up a crafting station including paints, glitter, and whatever else might inspire you, and sit down with some decorative eggs ready to be brightened. This way, as well as getting to enjoy a fun experience with your grandchildren, you are able to sit with them and talk to them, sharing stories about your lives and deepening your connection.

You could then use these eggs as a part of our next suggestions, perhaps even offering a special prize for anyone who finds the lucky, decorated eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt

The most classic activity for any Easter occasion is, of course, the Easter egg hunt. Baskets at the ready and you set the grandchildren off to find well-hidden, brightly-colored eggs leftover by the Easter Bunny. For those without much outside space, or who may need services like a stairlift and would struggle to hide eggs around the home, you may be able to find a community event in your neighborhood to take part in instead for a few dollars.

It’s traditional to fill eggs with candy, however, you may want to do something a little more health-conscious instead. Offering an alternative to the usual candy filling, Taste of Home suggests: “Whether you have kids with allergies or want to avoid an all-day sugar high, stuff some (or all!) of your eggs with non-edible items. Think small toys, dollar bills, bouncy balls, and other fun trinkets.”

Child carrying an easter basket with eggs

Watch an Easter Film Together

It can be the simplest things that make lasting memories, so if you are looking for an understated affair, why not put on an Easter-themed film? You could opt for something like Rise of the Guardians, which features a whole range of holiday icons, or something a bit more subtle like Peter Rabbit or Hop, which both feature rabbits as the main characters. If you need some suggestions, Good Housekeeping shares their top options that are available on Netflix. You could use this as some quiet time to wind down after an egg hunt (and a good opportunity to tuck into something delicious!)

This might also be a great option for those who aren’t able to see their grandchildren over Easter, whether due to distance or other concerns. You could both arrange to watch the movie at the same time and video call whilst you do so (there are now even services that allow you to both watch online video concurrently) or you could call to discuss the movie after you’ve both watched it if you prefer no distractions.

Do Some Easter Baking

Are you a dab-hand in the kitchen? Easter is a great time of year to bake, with many fun recipes associated with the holiday. If you are looking to pass your baking prowess over to your grandchildren, then why not take the opportunity to bake together? Cooking or baking is a great, hands-on experience that can be adapted for children of any age and is a nice way to bond. Plus, who can resist a freshly cooked, made with love meal or treat at the end of it all?

You could whip up something more traditional like Italian Easter bread or pancakes, alternatively, why not use this time to share a family recipe? If you need some inspiration, this PEEPS ® and Betty Crocker Easter Garden Cake would make a great centerpiece.

Share a Meal

A holiday is a wonderful excuse to dress up and share a meal with the people we love, and we think Easter should be no different. Whether you decide to cook and eat at your own home or go out to eat at a local restaurant, why not get the whole tribe together to enjoy a sit-down meal? Bringing all generations together, this is a great option for those who have big families, and if you do choose to go out it means no one is left to do the washing up!

Fun Easter activities to enjoy with your grandchildren:

  • Decorating Easter eggs
  • Easter egg hunt
  • Watch an Easter film together
  • Do some Easter baking
  • Share a meal

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Easter is a wonderful time of year to enjoy with family, and we hope these activities can give you some ideas of fun ways to spend your time together. Whether you can be together on the day or are simply looking for a way to be connected, we are sure these options will give you something to do that can connect you.

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