Can Stairlifts Go Around Corners?

February 1, 2022

Stair case with landing

As a stairlift and home lift solution provider, we are always on hand to answer your questions about accessibility at home. In this article, we explore whether you can get stairlifts for stairs that aren’t straight.

Can stairlifts go around corners?

Yes, you can get stairlifts that will fit either a curved staircase, spiral staircase or staircase with a landing in the middle. We know that every home is built differently, and you might need a custom option to suit your needs. Not all homes will have a traditional straight staircase and so, straight stairlifts are always a useful solution.

However, we sell a selection of curved stairlifts which can be adapted to fit your staircase exactly. Regardless of your type of staircase, we are able to make a custom curved stair lift that will be able to get you between the floors of your home with ease. With a curved rail made to fit your exact needs (measured during a free home assessment), you don’t need to worry about a thing, and we can give you more independence within your home.

So, whether you need a corner stairlift to navigate a staircase with a midway landing, or a stairlift that will fit up a narrow flight of spiral stairs, we can create something that fits your home and suits your needs. And, with our extensive network of stairlift dealers, you can know that there is an expert in your area ready to help with any advice you may need.

Browse our range of curved stairlifts.

Spiral staircase

How else can I customize my stairlift?

For those who don’t know much about straight and curved stairlifts, you might be surprised to find out there are a range of ways you can customize your stairlift to not only make it more accessible for you but to make it feel like a part of your home.

Color and styling

It’s not only by getting a curved stairlift that you can customize your stairlift to suit your home. For the house proud, you can customize not only the color of the seat but the rail too, so you can make sure your accessibility product blends in seamlessly with your home. Creating elegant products that feel part of your space and don’t draw attention to your accessible solutions is something we pride ourselves on, and we know being able to customize your coloring can go a long way towards making a stair lift feel at home in your home. So, with a range of seat and rail designs, you’ll be able to make sure your stairlift feels a part of your home and doesn’t simply feel like an unsightly addition.

Powered footrest

A powered footrest can be great for those who want to minimize the space their stairlift takes up with not in use. Automatically folding up when at the top or bottom of the staircase and not in use, a powered footrest saves both bending down to adjust the footrest and also means you don’t have to worry about potential trip hazards if you have little ones around.

Swivel seats

For those who might struggle with getting on and off your stairlift, a swivel seat could be the perfect solution. Turning to allow the easiest range of access, swivel seats can help those who need a bit more room when getting up or sitting down.

Outdoor stairlifts

As well as being able to make the stairs within your home more accessible, we can create bespoke options for outdoor staircases too that are weather-proof and easy to use. Enjoying your outside space is one of life’s great pleasures and being limited in how far you can go by a set of stairs doesn’t need to be an issue any longer. As outdoor stairlifts can be susceptible to the elements and easily become hazardous with some fallen leaves or ice, a stairlift outdoors can help improve safety throughout the seasons.

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Whatever your needs, we have a great range of stair lifts that can allow you to be more independent within your home without needing to compromise. If you still aren’t sure what solution you might need, please contact us for a free consultation.

We also have a range of home and institutional care products, meaning that whatever your needs we can help fulfil them.

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